I don’t have much in the way of formal blurbs or release dates. I’ll keep this page updated with my unfinished works that are receiving most of my attention.

Updated June 1, 2017

Coming Home (m/m, contemporary novella)

A love story about an out NFL player and childhood friend.

11,582 words so far

Hooked (m/m, contemporary novel)

Dramatic romance about boxer Carlos Valendez and best friend Michael Dwyer. Rewrite of previously published novel.

Original version: approximately 50,000 words, currently out of print

Untitled, Savannah Series #2 (m/m, novel)

The sequel to See Right Through, starring my favorite secondary character, Lee.

57,981 words so far

Untitled (m/m, sci-fi novella)

Programmer Will Parrish takes in a paid companion. The resulting connection between them changes his world view.

4,739 words so far

Patriotic Duty (contemporary action satire shortish story)

A former US president hires an assassin to take care of a situation for the good of the country.

2,681 words so far

Guardians of Asha (fantasy game script)

Serena Cortez must build her power so she can battle the rising darkness threatening the world.