I don’t have much in the way of formal blurbs or release dates. I’ll keep this page updated with my unfinished works that are receiving most of my attention.

Coming Home (m/m, contemporary novella)

A love story about an out NFL player and childhood friend.

11,803 words so far

Untitled, Savannah Series #2 (m/m, novel)

The sequel to See Right Through, starring my favorite secondary character, Lee.

57,981 words so far

Untitled (m/m, sci-fi novella)

Programmer Will Parrish takes in a paid companion. The resulting connection between them changes his world view.

4,788 words so far

Patriotic Duty (contemporary action satire shortish story)

A former US president hires an assassin to take care of a situation for the good of the country.

2,817 words so far