Welcome to the (barely) organized chaos that represents my journey as a writer. I like to think putting a website together and making things “official” will make this dream feel more like reality.

Then again, I’ve always been a fan of living in a dream world. That’s one of the reasons I love to write fiction. In a world of my own creation, anything is possible. Well, maybe not running out of ideas. For every story I start, I seem to begin five more. If you stick around, you’ll see the books and free stories pages fill, and an online serial (or three) added. That is, as soon as my muse stops babbling incoherently and lets me finish one story. In the meantime, please enjoy my current offerings. If you’re in the mood to chat, I’m on twitter sometimes, read all of my emails and am on facebook and goodreads more than any allegedly productive person should be. Which reminds me: if you see me on, remind me that I should be writing. You’re also welcome to send me some inspiration. :sly: