worth the wait small For ten years, Ethan Davis has been content to be nothing more than Marc Guerrero’s friend. After one drunken night in college, he forced Marc to pretend nothing between them had changed.

Marc has denied himself for far too long. When Ethan comes to visit him for the weekend, he refuses to make the mistake of letting Ethan ignore what’s between them a second time.

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With Ethan standing across from him for the first time in years, his for the weekend, the last thing Marc felt was a companionable ease. Things between them hadn’t been tense for quite a while, but their relationship hadn’t been as carefree as their early college days either. Marc put it down to that stupid drunken escapade that had him throwing himself at Ethan, desperate for more between them than shared study time and easy laughs. He’d broken Ethan’s trust that day, and though he’d apologized his way back into the other man’s good graces, Ethan never looked at him the same way again.

Now, things were different. He was different. Marc had grown up, gotten away from the partying lifestyle that made him feel as if his mere presence was a gift to those around him and knew himself for what he’d truly been back then. A fool. Hopelessly in love with a friend who’d never wanted more from him than he’d already given. This weekend, Marc hoped to change that.