I won’t have much in the way of formal blurbs or release dates (since I prefer to self-publish my work, I know the release date around the day before). I’ll keep this page updated with my unfinished works that are receiving the most of my attention and are most likely to be finished.

Untitled, Savannah Series #2 (m/m, novel)

The sequel to See Right Through, starring my favorite secondary character, Lee.


50408 / 80000 words. 63% done!

Taking Advantage (m/m, novel)

Sam gets involved with a new coworker. All kinds of fun and kinky hijinks ensue.


10688 / 50000 words. 21% done!

Feeding on Chaos: Volume One (m/m, online serial)

An extension of my free short story, First Impression. I plan on publishing several ebooks of this one for those who prefer to read away from their computers.


20670 / 50000 words. 41% done!

Filled With Stars (m/m, novel)

Originally a stand alone story, this one will be a part of the Savannah Series. My favorite trope, friends to lovers! Plenty of drama and sexy, sexy interaction.


12030 / 50000 words. 24% done!

The Forever Project (m/m, online serial)


8592 / 50000 words. 17% done!

A Most Somber Occasion (m/m, short story?)

I asked my facebook friends for an idea for a funny story and they came up with the death of a pet. In spite of my feelings about funerals, this one will be quite funny and I have the pleasure of introducing a character from a future novel.

1,022/5000? words

Coming Home (m/m, novella)

A little something sweet about an out NFL player and childhood friend.

Company Policy (m/f, novella)

One company’s policy about employee relationships backfires in the worst (hottest?) way possible.
5,215/? Words

Plaything (m/f, novella)

The line between playing a game and true dominance can be a thin one, one few people dare to venture near in life, or in bed. Actor Chris Washington is confronted with the one woman determined to test, and go beyond, his carefully-crafted boundaries. Will the game end in defeat for both players or will one become a willing plaything?

Rewrite of a 2007 novella, current out of print.
Original version: 13,927 words

The Pleasure Palace (m/f, f/f, m/m, novel)

A story about the employees and guests at a unique resort.

Rewrite and expansion of a 2006 novella, current out of print.
Original version: 22,005 words