If you’re in need of efficient proofreading, I’m available at an affordable price. I will provide any level of editing (from light proofreading to thorough overall feedback) or formatting work for ebook or print publishing. I pride myself on thorough work. While I try to get through every story as quickly as possible, the turnaround time depends on the level of work requested and how much revision the story needs.

All prices are in USD. Payment can be made through paypal. For availability, please contact me through sarawintersfiction at gmail dot com.


$10-20 – stories below 20,000 words*

$30 – stories between 20,000 and 50,000 words

$50 – stories between 50,000 and 100,000 words

$75 – stories 100,000+ words**


$35 – stories below 50,000 words*

$50 – stories 50,000 words – 100,000 words

$75 – stories 100,000+ words**

These prices include a validated EPUB, PDF, and MOBI files with a fully functioning table of contents. A Word doc suitable for Smashwords or other distributors is available upon request. An additional $25 will be added for formatting a book cover and document for print.

*Prices are negotiable for short stories.

**Stories over 200,000 words would be subject to review, as I cannot guarantee a quick turnaround at that length.


Some of the books I’ve edited or formatted other than my own:

30 Days Across America – e-book and print format

Rainbow Briefs – edit, ebook and print format

Lucky in Loveland, Lost in Loveland – edit, ebook and print format

The Glass Ornament – edit

A Little Blood – edit, ebook and print format